Safety Information

Additional Information

Hendricksen Painting takes the safety of our employees as our highest priority. Our team members are our greatest asset and we assume the responsibility of training our members with the latest and most up-to-date information we can. In order to insure our employees’ safety, Hendricksen Painting has developed a strategic approach to training from immediate OSHA and First Aid training for each field member to annually reviewing everything we have encountered and learned the previous year. 

Brief Outline of our Safety Program

OSHA Safety Record

Below is just a brief outline of our continuing safety program at Hendricksen Painting that has allowed us to maintain an excellent OSHA safety record:

At Hendricksen Painting, we not only value our employees’ while at the workplace, but we value their entire lives. We know that each employee has a spouse, children, siblings or parents that they play a critical role in. It is imperative that our employees’ return home not only safely but feeling as a valued member of our team. When our employees return home safely and energized from work, we know that they are able to give more to their families. In summary, a healthy work environment fosters a healthier family life.